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Features and benefits of using MaxxSafe

Sending content to an external party is a simple right-click. Enable content sharing to one or more parties while maintaining full control.
You determine who the files get sent to and how long they have access.
External users receive an email notifying them they have files – they will have to create a password.
Existing users only need to put in their password to gain access to shared content.
MaxxSafe users can drag to a sync folder and files can be uploaded to existing shared collections.
MaxxVault managers can revoke access to any MaxxSafe user at any time.
Documents are easily added and removed from collections.

A full document audit trail is kept in MaxxVault for all content shared in MaxxSafe.
Users can set expiration times on how long the external user can access the content.
External users can be granted the rights to upload new content to MaxxSafe and have that content moved over to your MaxxVault / MaxxCloud repository.
Users that shared collections can be notified when new content is uploaded by an external party.