Frequently Asked Questions

What is MaxxSafe?

MaxxSafe is a secure enterprise content sharing subscription based service. MaxxSafe can also be described as an enterprise file sharing and syncing subscription service that allows you to share your corporate content safely and securely to external users.

Where is MaxxSafe data kept?

MaxxSafe is stored in multiple US Based SSAE 16 certified data centers. No information is backed up or stored offshore.

How is MaxxSafe priced?

MaxxSafe offers 3 different pricing options – Team, Business and Enterprise. Only Business and Enterprise options offer phone support during our standard business hours. All options have email support. Support tickets via email are responded to within 24 hours excluding weekends and holidays.

What Web Browsers does MaxxSafe currently support?

Chrome, Firefox and Safari versions that are less than 24 months old from current date. Support for Internet Explorer versions 9-11. Recent support added for Microsoft Edge Browser.

Is MaxxSafe meant for just large and medium size companies?

MaxxSafe has been designed to manage external content for companies of all sizes.

Is support unlimited?

No. There is a limit to the number of email tickets and phone support hours per year. This is outlined in S&S agreements. Additional support time can be purchased if required.

Is MaxxSafe secure?

MaxxSafe uses the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol that ensures privacy between communicating applications and their users on the Internet.  When a server and client communicate, TLS ensures that no third party may eavesdrop or tamper with any message. MaxxSafe servers are fully redundant.

Do you have to be a MaxxVault or MaxxCloud user to use the MaxxSafe subscription service?

No. MaxxSafe can be used as a stand-alone product via browser interface. Users can upload files and send document collections to external parties. MaxxSafe is fully integrated into both MaxxVault Enterprise and MaxxCloud.

Can MaxxSafe be integrated with other content management systems or 3rd party line of business software applications?

Yes, this is possible but integration charges will apply.

Can MaxxSafe be used as a Virtual Data Room or our Companies Client Document Portal?

Yes, but only for Enterprise accounts. Enterprise accounts can also use advance features for bulk uploading of files via FTP and import file automation directly from 3rd party line of business data feeds. Sending content automatically to external users can also be configured as well for Enterprise accounts. Setup services will apply.

What does MaxxSafe contract cover?

Our standard SLA agreement covers the following items. MaxxSafe will have a 99.45% software uptime and 99.995% infrastructure uptime based on our standard configuration. For larger enterprise systems we offer additional configurations that can perform 100% uptime for both software and hardware – this does not include any scheduled maintenance windows. For any MaxxSafe application support issues they are done based on the agreed upon SLA but do fall within our standard hours of operation. Monitoring of the site is done 24x7x365.

Does MaxxSafe work with MaxxVault’s workflow?

Yes. A workflow process can be configured to send a document or documents to external users as part of a workflow step. When the document is reviewed or updated by the external user it can then be moved to the next step in the business workflow process.

How does desktop folder sync work?

Company staff can drag and drop content that can be added to a document collection in MaxxSafe. Once the content is loaded it can be sent to external users. This option is meant for getting 5-10 pieces of content added to MaxxSafe at a time. It’s not a bulk import tool. MaxxVault and MaxxCloud have bulk importing options. Desktop folder sync is not available in Team pricing option.

What happens to content that has been sent to an external user that has expired?

The content is removed from their MaxxSafe account. The information is still contained within MaxxVault or MaxxCloud and can be resent to external user if required.

Can you add content to an external collection?

Yes. All collections can be added to. You can also add new users to see existing file collections. Expiration times can also be extended.

Does MaxxSafe offer a zero footprint viewer for mobile and browser users?


Does the MaxxSafe document viewer support opening a Word or Excel document without having to launch it in the native application?

No. MaxxSafe’s viewer supports Tiff, PDF, JPEG and BITMAP. Word, Excel, Text file, Outlook message format and PowerPoint will open in locally installed default application. Audio and video files can be sent via MaxxSafe but they will be launched in default application.

Does MaxxSafe support print and download?

Yes. These are privileges given to external users.

Is the MaxxSafe Hosted Data Center SSAE 16 SOC II certified?

Yes and we also work with other 3rd party Data Centers throughout North America. We also have MaxxCloud hosting servers located in Canada and Australia for clients located in those regions.